About Me

I am new to the whole blogging world, just started in December 2010.  I find it very theraputic to just write about whatever I want, whether it be AVON or my life.

My husband and I live in Northern California.  We just married on NYE of 2009 and it feels way longer than a year that we have been married.  We have such a wonderful time together and both really like to travel.  My husband, Joe, has a son and we have a puppy (Titan) and kitty (Rocky).  You will see posts now and then about them.  I do this to keep my family updated on what is happening with the Nixt's

I work as a Legal Assistant for a Family Law Attorney.  It is a very challenging position.  I find it very hard some days to not feel so bad for those going through their hard times.  I know everyone has hard times, but when your family is being ripped apart for some reason or another, it makes it hard to muster up the strength to go into work.  I find great peace in being a confidant to those who are struggling with their new situations.  I have met many nice people and try my best to keep them going in a positive way.

I am also trying out being an AVON Sales Representative. I love their products and use them myself. Avon offers a wide range of items for any age. My online E~Boutique makes it easy for those out of the Redding, CA area to order and have their items shipped directly to their home, it’s that easy!!!

I am always available for any questions you might have.

Thank you for stopping by!
Traci Nixt