Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My New and Upcoming Hobby

I want to take up sewing, yes sewing. I have always thought of sewing as an "Old Maid" hobby. Oh me an Old Maid, because I really like it. This past Saturday, my new friend Melissa, went with me to find a suitable sewing machine for this newbie. We then went to the fabric store to pick out our patterns for our table runners. Honestly, it was exhausting and a little expensive, but I am confident I will be able to make some good stuff!

So, Melissa was gracious enough to sit with me for 3 hours to start me on sewing! I have never been much of a crafty person, although I want to be. So my first project was to make a table runner for Thanksgiving. I can never find them as long as I would like, so I thought what an easy project to start.

Making the runner proved to be a great training project. I still need to do some stitching on it, but I am pretty proud of the results!

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